When most people are asked for thoughts on teen pregnancy, their first response is that it’s a behavioral phenomenon—kids “being kids”. This is typical in the U.S. or other developed countries, but in many parts of the world teen pregnancy is very much a part of normal culture; it’s not seen as a behavioral phenomenon at all. Often in Western countries, when teen pregnancy is examined in a scholarly fashion it is viewed through a psychosocial or cultural lens to better understand its determinants and reasons for a rise or fall of pregnancy rates over the years.

We, the authors of this Wiki, think teens are not simply immature adults, but have a unique make up of complex physical and spiritual, as well as cerebral and irrational elements. It is these unique elements that affect how Teens see the world and make decisions regarding an intentional or unintentional pregnancy. Therefore we wanted to investigate teen pregnancy from the point of view of biology and anatomy, and then explore how that information relates back to the psychosocial or cultural viewpoint. We think this perspective can lend clarity to a topic that is often treated in a shallow or sensationalized way.

With that vision, this site attempts to provide information, break down preconceptions and encourage people to look at teen pregnancy in a new way. In the spirit of a Wiki, this site aims to bring together and relate many ideas, but certainly isn’t complete or definitive. We’ve included links on our pages to many sources of information that we found useful, and we encourage you to follow them and see what you find. We hope you find the information presented here interesting and thought-provoking.

Created by Byron Ellis, PJ McGuire, and Artesha Porter for Human Reproductive Biology at CU Denver, Spring 2011.