Generally, methods of birth control can be divided into two broad categories: hormonal or non-hormonal. Other methods of avoiding pregnancy such as abstinence, natural family planning (e.g. the “rhythm” method), and coitus interruptus (withdrawal or pull-out) are not discussed in length here.

While most healthcare providers rely on Contraceptive Technology by Dr. Robert Hatcher as a comprehensive source of information on contraceptive management, this visual aid can offer basic information on current methods available today. It highlights the effectiveness of each method, how often you need to use it, risks, and how it can be obtained.

A Q&A with a women’s health clinician highlights the differences between contraceptive management of Teens and adults but also uncovers a fundamental similarity between the two.

Statistics from Teen Clinic, BVWHC compare birth control usage for teens by method –  including teens who do not use birth control, those who are pregnant, or those who are actively seeking a pregnancy.

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