Abortion Statistics for a Local Clinic

Statistics from a local clinic for the six month period September 2010 to March 2011 show a total of 201 abortions were performed.

  • The majority of the patients were in their twenties
  • The median age is 24
  • The number of teen patients was similar to the number of patients in their thirties
  • About 7% were age 40 and above

Looking at just the 35 patients in their teens (ages 13-19), 80% were 17 and above.

  • More than half of the patients were 18 or 19
  • The mean age is 17.5

According to the clinic manager, the number of procedures exhibits seasonal trends. It’s possible these statistics would look somewhat different depending on the time of year. Note: It is a reflection of our society’s beliefs toward abortion that the identity of this Colorado clinic was withheld for security measures. Unfortunately, clinics such as this one who provide abortion services are the target of periodic threats and must be constantly vigilant.

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